Visions Media is a

non-political enterprise,

promoting active citizenship.



With heart moving storytelling, written for adults and senior students, we  engage the readers in the visions driving the most significant actors in our civil society. Actors, which in many cases are dependant on public support  and participation to realize their visions for a better environment and society.


We carefully research the organizations we work with, to be able to convey  the most authentic and interesting stories about their work and visions. Stories, that will form a most exciting platform for debate, and inspire to engage.


To ensure the books are available to the target audience, they are distributed to all relevant educational institutions. Thanks to the support from visionary sponsors and foundations, this can be done at no cost to the institutions.


Visions Media was created in Denmark, early 2017. Later same year the first book was published, at a major event at the People’s Meeting - a famous festival and melting pot for Danish NGO’s, media, politicians and citizens.


See Denmark 2017 for details on the publication and the project.


Visions Media is more than a book, but a media concept, designed to engage both students, teachers and the general public, in a debate on civil society, its actors, and the concept of active citizenship.


To ensure teacher awareness of the books donated to their institution, we offer a complementary exhibition, designed to create attention and interest in the book, and its many participating organizations.


Both books and exhibitions are provided with dynamic QR-codes, taking the readers to the online version of the book, with Quizzes, details on the organizations, and a variety of added and engaging value, only an interactive and digital media can offer.


Quiz-statistics are available in various forms to both the quizzer, the schools and the organizations.


Excited about a particular organization, and would like to invite a speaker to elaborate on the information from the book?? Speakers from the organizations will often be available to speak at an educational institution on request. From the books online version you can make an inquiry.


Based on this concept and our positive experience from Denmark,

Visions Media is preparing similar projects for other regions and cultures.




Based in Bangkok, the company is cooperating with international artists, to develop our concept and new educational publications on civil society, for various geographical and cultural regions. We are working with freelancers and volunteers across the globe, and would love to hear from you with any possible ideas or inquiries.